I’m in second grade!


Can you believe it? I’m in second grade. Now I know why my mom said it’s the best year. This year has been great. My favorite subject is science. Right now we are learning about the planets.


Lafyette Adventure

It’s so beautiful here in Lafayette that we can see all the pretty sights.  When I was up there, my mommy and I went to a water park.  It had a lot of sprinklers and fountains.  Mommy let me run through the whole park with my bikini top.  I got so wet and it was so much fun.  And then I got to go to some stores to pick out a present for my Grammy.  We also went to get ice cream while we were there.

Later, we took a little walk around the block of little shops.  It was so cool!



My Cousins Come in to Town


On Friday, April 6, my cousins came into town. We gave them a tour of our apartment and then ate mac and cheese for dinner. On Saturday, we went to Celestial Seasonings for a tour. I liked the peppermint room the best. You should visit! I tried some tea and liked the Sangria Zinger the most. Then we went to get pizza, played on the playground, and then had ice cream for dessert. We had so much fun. I love my family.

100 days

Today is the 100 day of school, It’s so cool that I’ve been in school for 100 days now. It’s so crazy that I have had a hundred days of school this year.

I love school—all the days that I have been there.

The Nature Book

I like nature because it is wild, just like me. I have a happy spirit full of life and beautiful things.

Also, there is another thing like me in nature. There are sweet smells. There are plenty of beautiful things to see. And it just really means something to me.

There are flowers just like me, too. They smell beautiful and match my personality. The flowers are little lilacs, so beautiful they are.