IMG_2580Hi, there! I’m Zoey, the girl behind The Zoey Chronicles. 

A couple years ago, after my mom started a little blog called The Nostalgia Diaries, I wanted nothing more than to have my own blog. When she would be on her computer, writing away, I’d pull up a chair next to her, pretending I, too, was sharing my words with the world. I loved nothing more than feeling like I was just like her.

But now I’m a little older (6!), and I’m learning all sorts of things in first grade. School is one of my favorite things, and I especially love writing and my new typing lessons. So my mom and I talked, and we thought it would be so much fun for me to finally have my own real blog so I could practice all these awesome new things I’m learning.

I’m not sure really what I’ll write about yet, but mom tells me I can write about anything—which feels pretty exciting, I have to say. I always have so many stories and ideas flying around my head that the hardest part about this project will probably be deciding which one to pick first.

Lucky for me, it seems the opportunities are endless.

So while I’m a girl who loves turquoise, nature, my mom (I promise she didn’t tell me to say that), and who wants to be a gymnast when I grow up, I’m also just a girl, learning how to write. I hope you enjoy my journey.

Lots of love,